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Olive Oil - Great Dane (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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Olive Oil is a 4 year old, mostly white Harlequin, female Great Dane that is about 85% deaf (due to bad breeding practices of double merle genes), she can however hear tones. Olive knows some commands like waving your index finger from R to L means "no". She loves other dogs and previously lived with her brother Popeye. She is house trained, leash trained and obedience trained with hand commands. She does not bark but she will dig or chew on things if she gets bored on occasion, which of course is an easy fix with exercise and proper toys. Olive loves ice cubes as a treat also. Nylabones are one of her favorite chew toys and they help keep her mouth busy and her teeth clean. She loves to go on car rides and lets face it, these two will turn heads wherever they go! Olive is also good with other dogs and children and will definitely need a home with other dogs to help her feel secure, but she is a little overly interested in cats and will need a feline free forever family.