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Oakley - Great Dane

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We big dogs sometimes get a bad rap, you know? My name is Oakley, and I'm a 3-year-old male Great Dane. I'm a big fella at about 132 pounds, but I'm also here at BDHP through no fault of my own. Let me explain. I was hanging out with this cranky little Chihuahua, and he liked to attack me. I mean, this guy was not nice. Finally, I got fed up and I reacted to defend myself. That was apparently strike one against me, though I put up with an awful lot before that time! Strike two was when my owner moved to an apartment complex that doesn't allow big dogs. There's that big dog thing again. Sigh…  I am hoping that strike three never happens, because I'm just a good boy looking for an ideal place to lay my handsome head! I'm house-trained, leash-trained and trustworthy with free roam, even though I've never had any formal obedience training. That said, I could probably use a little, as I do like to bark and chewed in my previous home but there have been no issues at my foster home where I am getting regular exercise, plenty of attention, and chew toys of course. Oh, how I love my squeaky dinosaur and balls! I'm always up for a car ride, and I am good with other dogs big dogs like like to play rough like me. Oh, and my nails. I'm not a fan of having my nails trimmed (what self-respecting male is, really?), but that's something we can work on together. Maybe if you gave me another squeaky dinosaur afterward or something. Anyway, I'm so ready for a new home - sans little attack dogs. Could that home be yours?