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Nykyrian - Boerboel Mastiff

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Nykyrian is an 11 month old, black, Boerbel Mastiff who was found dumped in a field with his sister. This sweet boy was born with a deformity involving one of his paws, but as he knows life no differently, he is a normal, happy goofy puppy! Nyk has recently gotten a wonderful prosthetic limb that his foster mom has done a great job in getting him to use like a normal limb and now he runs and plays on it with no issues at all. This sweet boy is house trained, crate trained and can walk with both a normal collar and leash or a harness. He loves to play with all of his foster brothers and sisters, but he does tend to chase the cats. True to his breed when meeting new people, he may be a bit standoffish until he gets comfortable, but then he will be your best friend and lap warmer! Nykyrian is a cuddle bug and he is more than happy to join you on the couch or in bed. Like any puppy he will need continued positive socialization, proper chew toys and exercise...a tired puppy is a happy puppy, and a happy puppy makes a happy owner! He will also need someone who understands his breed and is willing to work on any teenage stubbornness issues that may arise as this boy grows into his giant paws. Nyk is looking for his forever home and we know that they are out that waiting on him!
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