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Mufasa - Great Dane - PENDING ADOPTION

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I am Mufasa, the King of the Pride Lands, and I reside at Pride Rock...ok, ok so technically I'm not a Lion but hey a guy can dream right?! I'm a 2 year old, merle, male Great Dane who is of course house trained, leash trained and even crate trained - but I don't need to be crated anymore since I'm a grown up and all and can be trusted with free roam. Check this, I also know how to sit, stay, leave it and down...what a champ. But wait folks because there's more...I don't bark unless necessary, don't dig holes because you know I'm not a gopher and only chew on tasty bones, treats and the toys that are mine...the way I figure it if I don't want the humans chewing on my stuff I should probably keep my jowls on my own things! I tend to be a couch potato indoors and am always up for a good snooze but I do enjoy playing since I'm still a young rides are wicked awesome too! I'm good with most other dogs after they introduce themselves to me, we chat, hang out for a bit before we become buds but cats are not my forte so none of those feline specimens if you please. Are you looking for a regal man in your life? Come and get me quick!
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