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Mollie - Newfoundland Mix (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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Mollie a 2 year old, 95 lb, tall, gorgeous girl...and our best guess is that she is a Newfoundland/Pyrenees mix. She is looking for a new place to lay her fluffy head and is house trained, leash trained and while an indoor dog, she will bark to alert making her a good guard dog as well. She doesn't dig but might chew on things if she's bored, a very easily managed behavior that with some fun toys, a kong or an antler will keep her happy and intrigued. Mollie also enjoys going for car rides with her people and and while she enjoys play time she's also a couch potato who enjoys a good cuddle. Mollie is good with other dogs and lived with a Golden Retriever previously and is living with other dogs in foster care as well...she always has time for a good romp. Mollie hasn't spent much time around children, but she has always been very nice when she has encountered her previous owner's nieces. Miss Mollie is a sweet young lady who will make a great addition to most homes, get an application in now while you can!