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Mazi - Great Pyrenees - SENIOR (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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Mazi, a 7 year old Giant Pyrenees, found a wonderful home seven years ago.  Very sadly her owner passed away recently and Mazi was surrendered back to the rescue where she came from originally.  The rescue owner must retire due to health problems.  So, Mazi is now with us and patiently awaiting a forever home where she will stay the rest of her days.  It was very rough for Mazi to lose the one with whom she was bonded for so long and then ever rougher for the rescue she went to forced to move her again.  She is a very sweet, gentle gem.  We want to find this darling a home that will give her love and consistency which she desparately needs.  Come see her and fall in love with this white angel.  She's waiting for you.

Golden Rewards Program
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