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Maggie - Fila Brasileiro - PERMANENT FOSTER

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Maggie is a darling 6-year-old brindle Fila Brasileiro who came to BDHPI from a shelter in South Dakota. When she was first adopted out at 9 months old, she had the typical puppy antics, and the family didn't have time for her. So she's back with her foster family and has learned a great many things since then. True to her breed, she can be dominant at times. She has been thriving with her foster's other dogs since she is last in the pack order. She needs proper introductions to strangers and can be protective, which makes her incredibly loyal and devoted to "her family members." She is house trained, crate trained, leash trained, and knows her basic commands. She is a big-hearted girl with a lot to offer to the right person or family, so would you please consider giving this darling a chance at finding her perfect fit home with you?

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