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Mack - Saint Bernard (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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Mack, a 5 year old, tri-colored, male Saint Bernard, was left with friends temporarily but his previous owners never returned and we cannot imagine why not. This boy is as sweet as they come! Mack is very well behaved in the house and he doesn't get on furniture, chew on anything other than his toys and he doesn't bark. Outside he also chooses to just sunbathe and not to be gopher. Mack loves squeaky toys and a milkbone is one of the tastiest treats on the planet according to him. Mack enjoys going for car rides with his family, after all what's an errand without a Saint along for the ride?! Mack is great with other dogs and with kids but this giant baby is scared of loud noises and fireworks but this easily managed. If you need this boy, just let us know!