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Louise - Great Dane

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Say hello to Louise! This 1 year old, Black, female Great Dane found herself in need of a better home when her first owner couldn't provide her with the training or socialization she needed due to too many animals. She is now happily in a foster home where she is happy to be a valued member of the family and getting some one on one attention. Without any prior training, Louise will need a new owner committed to continuing to work with her but her foster family is working with her daily and she is making great progress. She is house trained and doing great with a structured routine and supervision and she is starting to feel more comfortable in her crate. She has mastered the command 'down' and is learning 'sit' and 'come'. Louise still flops around like a fish with a Gentle Leader on walks so she'll need more work in that department, but we are hoping perhaps a front attach body harness will work better for her. She is a typical adolescent pup who will chew things she isn't supposed to and run away sometimes when she should come, but she is learning what is appropriate chew toys and starting to trust her humans more every day. She relies heavily on other dogs right now for confidence and would do best with at least one other confident doggie companion to show her the ropes. Louise seems to really like kids from what we have seen as well! While shy initially, she is super sweet, loves attention, and shows tons of promise with a new owner committed to continued socialization and training so she can achieve her true potential. 

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