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Kashi - Great Dane (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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Kashi, the sweet 3 year old fawn Great Dane is looking for a new place to call home. She is quite accomplished and is completely house trained, leash trained and knows to go lay down when told. She is also able to be left free roam without worry or issue, she just takes a nap and waits for her family to come home. Kashi will bark to alert but not excessively, doesn't get on the furniture or she doesn't chew on things that are not hers but she might dig if left alone too long outside..which is a pretty easy fix. Kashi really loves to play with stuff animals, ropes and a tasty bully stick will keep her happy.She does have a bit of a senstive tummy so no table scraps..even if she gives you the cutest of faces to win you over! If you would like for her to accompany you on car rides, she's your gal and since she gets along with kids, other dogs and cats she's pretty easy to take most places. Kashi is a very gentle and curious young lady who is affectionate and loving with most everyone and every thing she meets, however she is a bit leery of men but once she warms up with slow introductions she becomes fast friends. She would also do best with older kids as she tends to knock over the little ones unintentionally.