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Isa - Akbash (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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I am Isa, a beautiful 3-4 year old, female Akbash who has been kept as an outside dog until now. The outdoor life as a livestock guardian doesn't fit me at all because I love being with my people and just want to be in the house. I love children, am good with dogs and cats, don't dig or chew and I'm a real sweetheart once I am comfortable but right now I am super scared and very timid.  You should know that I will need a very patient family who are willing to train me with a loving hand...a family who will know and understand I may fall short of their expectations now and then.  I will try my best to please you at all times. I want to become a trusted, permanent member of your family. I promise to love you forever if you will give me a chance.