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Hudson - English Mastiff (new - under evaluation)

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Meet Hudson, the very good looking nearly 3 year old, Fawn, male English Mastiff. Hudson is coming to us an owner surrender because there are too many small 2 legged people in his current home and they make him uncomfortable. Hudson is an amazing boy who knows to go potty outside, well stay in a crate or he can be trusted with free roam, he knows how to walk on a leash and get this folks, this mastiff even knows sit, lie down, go to kennel, heal and a few other commands! He is also very gentle in taking treats. Hudson is still working on his pedicure skills and is currently at having one nail trimmed per day until they're done..this big's just the nail trimmers though he doesn't mind you touching his feet. Hudson has zero food aggression and eats next to his doggie friends. He will bark to alert and let you know when there are strange dogs near the fence, but that's his job. He doesn't dig and and while technically he's not been allowed on the furniture he may sneak up there on occasion...but he thinks you don't notice! Some of Hudson's favorites are antlers (how else does a boy keep his pearly white smile up?), tennis balls, nylabones and anything that squeaks. He's always ready to go for a car ride with you, so buckle up and lets roll! Hudson doesn't like to be grabbed by his collar and may take a little bit to warm up to new dogs but he is good with other dogs after a proper howdy doody. He'll need a child free forever home but loves his humans like no other. Ready to bring this hunk home? He's ready to come find you!