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Hopper - Great Dane (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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Oh Hopper, how we love thee...let us count the ways! You are a young, happy friendly boy of only 8 months but oh boy the live you have lived until now. Our hearts ache for you but we are thrilled to be able to promise you that you will never ever see that side of things again. You see Hopper and his friend Cricket were seized due to cruelty and neglect a few months ago and he only weighed 35 lbs at the time but he has been well cared for in the mean time and he's already over 100 lbs. Hopper was left behind with Cricket and another dog who unfortunately didn't make it but Hopper has come through the experience with no ill will and he just loves people. He keeps his kennel clean and has worked real hard on learning how to sit..for cookies...he loves cookies! Hopper's foster family will be showering him with love, cookies and teaching him all kinds of wonderful things to keep this boy on track for being a well rounded doggy citizen. We told him that he will be the apple of someone's eye and we think he deserves the honor. If this handsome fella is the boy you have been waiting on, just let us know!

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