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Heidi - Neapolitan Mastiff (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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Have you ever heard the saying "trash to treasure"? Well Heidi, the tawny Neopolitan mastiff, is going to be singing from the hilltops now because this will be her story from here on out. You see Heidi at the age of 6 has been used for nothing but making money by having litter after litter and when she was no longer wanted she was sent to an auction where thankfully for this sweet heart she was rescued and will now never be used for anything other than a loving family member from here on out! So far Heidi has shown herself to be very dog friendly with dogs of all sizes and even likes children! Her foster family will be working on indoor dog skills but she is so eager to please we do not see this taking her too long. Before long this gorgeous squishy face will shine with confidence and love and we cannot wait to see her transformation into the treasure we already know is there.