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Hannah - Great Dane - PENDING ADOPTION

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Hannah is a 2 year old, blue Great Dane who was unceremoniously dumped on a rural road by her a terrible condition..She came to us approximately 20 lbs underweight (all of ribs and hip bones protruding), still lactating so she had or has puppies somewhere that we can only hope are safe and well; she also had a fever but after wonderful care at our partnering vet she is already on her way to recovery. Hannah has been nothing but sugar with her foster family, their children and their crazy hyper German Shorthair Pointer! Rescue dogs are truly one in a million and have so much heart and spirit, we fall in love with every one that crosses our threshold and Miss Hannah is no exception to the rule. Once she gets to feeling better her foster family will be able to work with her on any basic commands she might need plus her house and crate training. Please give Hannah the warm welcome she deserves!
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