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Grayson - Great Dane

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Grayson is a 10 month old, boston merle Great Dane who has been in 2 homes so far in his short life. His first home he got a taste for chickens and started chasing their bull so they decided to rehome him and the second person fell into financial troubles and then released him to BDHP. We have promised Mr. Grayson that third time will be a charm and that his next family will be his forever home! He is house trained, leash trained and his foster family will be working on his crate training. He is leery of men in particular and while he is making progress with positive socialization, he would probably do best with a female as his primary caretaker. Grayson doesn't bark excessively, dig holes or chew on anything that isn't his which is pretty darn good for such a young pup. He enjoys going on car rides with his family and flapping his jowls out the window and while Grayson is great with other dogs and kids, cows and chickens are too much for him so he'll need more of a suburban setting. While in his foster home he will be brushing up on any basic house skills and commands he might need to impress his forever family. Get your application in quick because he's a gem!
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