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Gallant - Great Great (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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Meet Gallant the Dane...we know, we know, you cannot resist his face either! We took one look at this boy and all fell in love -- now he is a part of the BDHP family while we look for the perfect place for him. It is very easy to tell this 5 year old unclaimed stray has led a rough life. He is very emaciated and has calluses all over his body (most likely from lying on hard surfaces such as cement), but yet again our rescue dogs teach us about unconditional love and forgiveness. Gallant is mellow, happy, affectionate and one of the sweetest dogs in the world. He is amazing with other dogs, and he sits so pretty and regal like a king, and that is how this boy will be treated from here on out. While we cannot erase his past and he cannot tell us what led him to us all, we know he will never be cold, hungry or mistreated again. Gallant's foster will be seeing what else he knows and helping him fatten up and work on any skills he might need. This boy will go quick so don't hesitate to get your application in!