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Freddy - Saint Bernard (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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So, I know that hunting is big with lots of the guys around here. I'm not quite sure why I got in trouble for it! I'm Freddy, and I'm a 2-year-old male, tri-colored St. Bernard. My former home had lots of chickens and ducks and even cats… and things simply didn't go well. Bottom line - I have a prey drive with cats and birds. So my new home will have to be a no-fowl, no-feline one! I used to live with a Newfoundland and two smaller dogs, and I'm okay with most of the canine variety. I will respond if another dog challenges me, though. You know, that manly thing and all. I come off a bit strong on a leash because I cant control my excitement over making new friends, so off-leash introductions generally work the best. I would prefer a home with no small kids but older are just fine. Honest, I'm a good boy and giant love bug but some continued training and boundary-learning would do wonders for me. Now to more of the good stuff. I'm house-trained, crate-trained, though I'll sing the song of my people initially when I go in the crate. I am a goid guard dog and will bark to alert you if something doesn't seem quite right in our world. I am leash-trained and enjoy walks. I know the "sit," "stay," "down," "shake," and other commands. I don't dig or chew, I'm trustworthy with free roam, I enjoy car rides, and I love any and all toys. Bottom line - I'm just a nice young guy who has a few quirks and needs the proper home in which to thrive. I hope that can be yours!
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