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Eowyn - Boerboel Mastiff

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Hi, I am Eowyn, the 2-year-old, fawn, female Boerboel Mastiff. My previous owner felt that I needed a more experienced owner who would have a little more time to devote to me (and let’s face it, being a mom of kids does keep one’s hands pretty full). In addition, I am a challenging breed that needs someone who can work on leadership training and handle my power and dominance as I am not the dog breed for the average dog owner. I am good with kids but will need a predictable environment where there won't be a lot of strangers coming and going, including kids' friends. I would do best in a feline free home and while I do get along with some other dogs, I will require slow, proper introductions, environmental management as well as a very special doggy sibling who is non-reactive and patient because I am vocal, rough, and may pick fights initially. Once we have worked out the pecking order I actually do enjoy playing with my doggie friends though. And like any good Boerboel, I’m a little leery of strangers at first (hey, my job is to make sure my family is taken care of first). I am house trained, crate trained, and I know “sit,” “lay down”, "come", and “calm” and my foster family is working on "wait" and "leave it" along with the dog door. I am super smart and want to please so obedience comes naturally to me, but I will need a gentle leader and continued work on leash skills along with a strong handler because I do pull. I bark to alert only and am quiet in general, and I absolutely LOVE stuffed animals and car rides. I do sometimes like to chew, so appropriate toys and chew items would be recommended. If you are looking for a loving, loyal companion who would like to go for hikes and walks and who is smart (a thinker)…then I’m your girl.


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