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Dozer - English Mastiff - SENIOR

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From the worst circumstances sometimes come the most inspirational success stories. My name is Dozer, and I'm a 6-7 year-old male English Mastiff. Let me tell you a little about my past. I came from a hoarding-type situation where there were many… far, far too many… of us canines living together. We were all in a small area and didn't have access to a lot of things most humans (and even dogs) take for granted. But our owner still refused to leave the situation until all of us dogs were cared for. So I'm hoping to turn my fate around and live forever in a much better situation. My tail was docked earlier in my life, so when I wag it, there's just a cute little nub. What can I say - I'm a pretty cute and distinguished gentleman! I'm good with kids, other dogs, I don't pay a whole lot of attention to cats, and I am good around horses and chickens even. I'm crate-trained, a couch potato, and I love attention and belly rubs. I will be your best friend if you have cheese and will be your loyal follower from room to room. I do like to snooze most of the time, but I still have a lot of spunk in me. Pretty much the perfect combination, I'd say. So who wants to be part of my success story? Please fill out your application and ask for me, Dozer!
Golden Rewards Program

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