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Diesel - Presa Canario - PENDING ADOPTION

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Mr. Diesel is a 2 year old, brindle, male Presa Canario who is looking for his happily ever after - could it be with you? He is house trained and trustworthy with free roam, as long as he gets plenty of exercise and there is no food on the counters -- that's hard for anyone to ignore! This young guy loves to play and would love an active owner or fellow dog. Diesel passed his cat test but has not lived with cats previously.  He is okay with other dogs, but he needs slow, proper introductions and separation initially. True to his breed, he is leery of strange dogs and people and may growl initially until he is comfortable. If you go slow and give him time, there is no doubt he will be your best friend and good luck getting this boy off your lap, or your legs, or your chest as he tends to want to touch you...a lot..ha! If you give him time & patience, Diesel will reward you 100% with his love, loyalty and trust. While not the breed for the average pet owner, he is a true Presa who will guard and protect and make his family feel safe forever. Please consider adding this darling boy to your family!

Giant Breed Experience Homes Only.