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Daisy Mae - Great Dane (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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Daisy Mae is a fawn female Great Dane who is 4.5 years and is coming to us an owner surrender. You see Daisy started off in a puppy mill where she had zero exposure to life outside of her small confined area. While her rescuer had the best of intentions, Daisy just isn't comfortable with the family dynamic and we all agree it's better for her to move on and find the right fit. Daisy is on a daily inexpensive thyroid medication and her sensitive stomach does great on Simply Nourish Duck and chicken formulas. Daisy is house trained, crate trained and leash trained. She also know lay down, come, place, okay, eat, high five, shake and drop! Pretty darn impressive we think. Daisy has been loving her new indoor living status and will bark to alert to strange noises or people. She can still have some puppy chewing but is very easily redirected and is always aiming to please. She loves to play fetch, take naps on her dog bed, chew on natural bones or soft toys..however any with squeakers are dismantled quickly. Daisy is good in the car and good with other dogs after proper introductions. Due to her past Daisy Mae needs someone to understand her quirks and work with her when needed. She will thrive and do well in the right home with love, proper rules, boundaries, guidance, structure and training.