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Daisy - Great Dane - PERMANENT FOSTER

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This pup is as sweet as a much so that's her name! Daisy is a 4.5 month old, black Great Dane puppy that has come to BDHP to find her new forever home. She was owner surrendered as her owner had too many dogs and we have been happy to step in and help out to ensure that these dogs get the vetting that they need and their perfect forever homes where they will be loved and cared for for the rest of their lives. Daisy, like most pups, is just a baby and she is not only learning all about basic commands and house/crate training but also how to be a puppy and that indoor living isn't scary. She is doing great and becoming more confident each day and her foster family is enjoying having her. She will be learning all kinds of new things and we cannot wait to watch her bloom...get it! Daisy will require a family that is home more often and able to commit to the time, costs and socialization that she will need in order to ensure she grows into a well mannered lady. She was also diagnosed with mega esophagus. The good news is that the upper part of her esophagus is normal so it keeps her food from being thrown up and aspirating like a typical case. The lower section of her esophagus is large which means her food will have to be prepared as a slurry and she'll need to be fed upright and head held up for 15 minutes after eating. Daisy has been a great sport with her feeding routine though!


Daisy's Megaesophagus is unfortunately very severe and according to the vet she won't make it very long. Her foster family will love her for however long she has left!