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Cooper - Great Pynreees Mix (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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Elegant Cooper is an 18 month Great Pyrenees mix who is good with kids, dogs and cats, having lived with them  and hosting visiting grandkids in his previous home! Tragically, they cannot afford to keep him. Great Pyrenees are still pups until they are about 24 months old. So he is winding up his puppyhood. He is a smart cookie and already know the commands sit and lay down; is house and crate trained and knows how to behave on car rides. He hopes you will include him on yours. This young man, as all pups, should be exposed to new people and other dogs as much as possible. This always makes for a happy, well-adjusted dog. Cooper dreams of a loving, forever home. He will be a calm, well mannered and loyal member of your family. Living as an inside boy really appeals to him as he has been relegated to the outside up until now.