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Clark Kent - Great Pyrenees/St. Bernard Mix - PENDING ADOPTION

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Meet the superhero litter! Clark Kent was born 1/16/18 to a purebred Great Pyrenees mama, and DNA testing has revealed that the traveling salesman daddy was a purebred Saint Bernard. Thankfully a wonderful family found her wandering and took her in to be spayed and surprise! She was days away from having a full litter. Since they were not prepared for this and wanted the best for the family they surrendered to us and one has now turned into nine! Clark will get to grow and eat and play with his family until it's time to go home. He'll learn a lot from his siblings and his mama but he will also need his new family to continue his positive socialization and help him grow into a well mannered, gentle giant. Puppies take a lot of work so keep that in mind!
Giant Breed Experienced Homes Only.

BDHPI Puppy Policy
All puppies less than 6 months of age are too young to be spayed/neutered so they are adopted out on special puppy spay/neuter agreements with a $50 refundable spay/neuter deposit. Adopting families must agree to get the puppy altered within 2 weeks of 6 months of age and send proof of S/N to BDHPI accordingly. Adopting families are expected to make a donation of $425 minimum for mixed puppies AND will have the additional costs listed above, so please keep this in mind.

When adopting a puppy, new families need to be prepared for not only a substantial financial investment, but also a significant time commitment in order to raise your puppy properly. Crate training is a critical part of setting them up for success as well as potty training. You can't leave a puppy in the crate for longer than 4 hours max and they typically have to be let outside every hour when you are home since their bladder is not as big as an adult. You will want to make sure your puppy gets regular exercise and has plenty of mentally stimulating chew toys such as puzzle toys(food cubes, busy buddy toys, kongs, etc). Socialization the first 6 months is critical to their development socially and once they have had all of their shots, you will want to take your new puppy everywhere you can to get them used to meeting lots of new people, different dogs, and visiting places outside of the home. Obedience training is also extremely important (and actually part of our adoption agreement requirements) so that your puppy grows up to be a gentle giant instead of a giant monster!


1 week old:

Two weeks old:

Three weeks old:

Four weeks old: