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Butch - Boerboel Mastiff (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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Butch is a 4 year old, 157 lb, Fawn Boerboel Mastiff who is coming to us looking for a home that has some experience with his breed. Butch is house trained and an indoor boy who enjoys the comforts of being the king of the castle. He does know how to sit, down and paw and like a regal gentleman he does not dig, nor chew nor bark incessantly. He really enjoys treats and some of his favorites are chicken jerky and cheese and his most treasured toy is his shark..makes him look super cool you see! Butch enjoys going on car rides especially to the dog park where he does really well around other dogs. He hasn't been around cats at all but we can have him tested if needed. This chunky monkey is all big and tough on the outside but a big marshmallow when it comes to his little girl with whom he slept with every night and with fireworks....he needs his people around for reassurance on these scary occasions. Butch, true to his breed, is leery with strangers and due to some environmental mismanagement he has has had some incidents with a few people but none that required medical care. Butch needs someone who understands his breed and that he needs proper introductions and time to get to know people so that he doesn't think he needs to protect his family. He has all the love in the world to give -- do you? 
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