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Buddy - Great Pyrenees (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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Who wants to be your lifelong buddy? Why, ME, of course! My name is Buddy, and I'm a 1.5 year-old, male Great Pyrenees. I may be a bit of a mix, but I'm not telling. I currently check in at right around 85 pounds, and I'm looking for a home that understands my breed and its quirks. See… I'm a pretty smart guy. I can open latches and gates, so I can't be left outside unsupervised and I'll need secure fencing at my new furever pad. That's how I wound up with BDHP - I used to escape from my back yard so I could go and play with the neighbor's dogs! I was just bored - what can I say? I also was a little rough with the resident cat when I tried to play. I'm actually okay with cats, but again, I do play rough. So if you have a feline, they'll need to be a pretty dog-savvy one. I'm good with other dogs and likely would have fun at a dog park or doggie daycare. I love to romp and play with my brethren. I'm a really playful dude and I love to rough-house and wrestle. So an active family would likely be ideal for me. I'm great on a leash, house-trained, smart (remember that gate thing), loving, sweet, and just a pretty funny guy. True to my breed, I like to sing the song of my people every now and then, and I'll probably be pretty vocal when I first see a new dog, too. But then I'll do my play-bow thing and be submissive and want to play. So if you are aware of the quirks of us Pyrs and you're looking for a handsome, charming, humorous dude…  I'd love to be your Buddy!

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