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Brazos - Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees Mix (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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Brazos the 4 year old Saint Bernard/Great Pyrenees mix was born at an animal sanctuary and has lived there all of his life but he's ready to move onto bigger and better things and become the indoor pet he has always dreamed off! The sanctuary that Brazos has only ever known as home is closing down but we were more than happy to bring him into our program and go on the search for the best home for him to lay his paws for the rest of his days. This happy boy is good with other dogs and has lived in a pen with others making friend with all. He is super sweet and has the cutest wiggly butt and wagging tail that never stops as he seeks out affection and pets from any who are close enough to give to him. He has not had much formal training but he is so eager to please that we know his foster family will have him up to snuff in no time..after all he's already waited 4 years for his home and he is really hoping that it won't be much longer till he has one! Do you think it might be with you? So far he loves the kiddos in his foster home and we can cat test him as well if needed.