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Bo - Great Dane/Mastiff Mix (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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Bo is a 1.5 year old mantle Daniff who was found wandering in a church parking lot where a good Samaritan took it upon themselves to take this boy in and search for his family. None was found but Bo's prayers were answered because he now finds himself healthy, happy, with regular meals and great vet care. Not to mention a foster family that is lavishing him with praise and teaching him all about being an indoor guy - two things he is enjoying immensely! Bo is a very playful pup and he's good with other dogs. He is also good with kids but older ones might be better since he likes to play rough and tumble and can be a bit mouthy since he's still a young boy learning the ways of a gentle giant. Bo will also be learning how to stay in a crate, walk on a leash, go potty outside and some basic commands so he can impress his forever family with all of his skills. As Bo's foster family learns more about him we will update his bio so we can share him with you.

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