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Beulah - Newfoundland Mix (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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Beulah is beautiful, 2 year old, Newfoundland Mix with long, gorgeous black and white hair. This sweet girl is crate trained and was house trained, but she has mostly been kept outside lately due to some medical issues with a family member which is also the reason she is now with us. Beulah's family want to do what is best for her and we are here to help! Beulah will bark to alert, after all she feels that it is her job to protect her family. She is good with older kids (as she's lived with them) and while she might bark at cats she just sniffs them and likes to pretend she's the boss! Beulah's foster family will be getting her reacquainted with indoor living and brushing up on any skills she might have forgotten but we have a feeling it won't take her long to get back into the swing of pampered princess life. We'll update Beulah's bio as we learn more about her.