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Betty is a precious, 2 year old, Fawn, English Mastiff who is a survivor! You see, she suffers from Diabetes and needs daily insulin but her owner fell on hard times after losing her job and wasn't able to afford her meds. When she arrived in rescue she was in really bad shape and our vet told us she wouldn't have survived another day without medical intervention. Betty is now back on track and winning us all over with her gentle, loving ways. She does have cataracts that have been there a long time and dry eye that has caused some vision loss but she is taking daily eye drops which are helping(she is not a surgical candidate). She has an amazing temperament and is good with other dogs, cats, kids and adults. She is also house trained, crate trained, knows sit, shake (both hands), and lay down. She is not a big barker and only occasionally chews or digs when bored but it's not typically a problem if she gets regular walks and stimulation. Betty loves car rides and is the epitome of a gentle giant! Some family will be incredibly blessed to call her their new addition.

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