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Bella III - Newfoundland (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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Bella the bronze colored, 3 year old, Newfoundland was returned to her breeder after her adoptive family didn't want her anymore and she is now with BDHP to find her "forever home". She hasnt had any formal obedience training but she is proving to be a quick study with a proper harness for walking and positive reinforcement training. Bella is good with other dogs after proper introductions but she can be leash reactive and it takes her a bit to warm up when first meeting new dogs. She's very friendly and loving with people but we would recommend a feline free home. Once she forms a bond she will become your loyal shadow, ready at a moments notice to help keep your feet warm. Bella does have some food guarding issues so as long as she's fed separately she's a happy camper and this is easy enough to do by feeding her in another room or in her crate. Her foster family will be working with her to see what basic commands and house skills she might need to help her in her forever home. We can't wait to see this girl become the pampered pooch she's always deserved to be!