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Bella III - Neapolitan Mastiff - PENDING ADOPTION

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Bella is a 18 month old, Tawny, Neapolitan Mastiff who thankfully finds herself in rescue where she has narrowly escaped being a over-bred lawn ornament. Bella was purchased to breed and was kept solely outside but the male Mastiff was dog aggressive and she was attacked. She has had her injuries assessed and she is being treated and will be healthy in no time at all. This sweet squishy lady is very friendly to all people and is good with children. She is good on a leash and she doesn't bark like a crazy pup. She may dig or chew when bored but she was left alone to her own devices so with the proper stimulation and exercise she'll be a happier pup. She is treat motivated which makes training easier, especially with a Mastiff! Bella loves rubber dog toys and is happy to throw them around and play like she should be doing at her age. Bella's foster family will be showing this sweetheart the in's and out's of living indoors and how to be a proper pet. If you always thought you needed a land walrus and Bella sounds like she's the girl for you, get your apps in now and bring her home!
Giant Breed Experienced Homes Only.