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Bella II - Cane Corso (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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Bella the Cane Corso is looking for a great home that understands the breed and will love her forever - could it be yours? She's a 2-year-old, fawn-colored, female Cane Corso. She was surrendered to a shelter and is very scared about things right now - understandably so. She's shy and timid and wants to run away. But simple love and trust and work on confidence-building will have her coming out of her shell in no time at all. Once she does know she can trust you, she's a very, very sweet girl! She's underweight, so some additional groceries will help, too. She's good with other dogs and doesn't bark, dig, or chew. Bella is a true diamond in the rough - could you be the one to do some additional polishing and be rewarded with an amazing forever companion?

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