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Bella - Great Dane (new to rescue - under evaluation)

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I’m Bella… I was sad to leave my mom, but I understand how terribly difficult times have become lately, and she loves me so much she wanted to make sure I had the best, so…I’m back looking for a forever home. I am a very special girl, if I do say so myself (at least that’s what mom has said so often). I’m a 4-year-old brindle Great Dane who knows my basic commands and am house trained and leash trained. I a love bug who loves car rides and stuffed toys. So, what makes me so special, other than I’m good with cats and kids and am a big cuddle bug? Well, I tend to scare easily. I’m fearful of rain, quirt bottles and other dogs barking. New environments and strange dogs make me uncomfortable, so I need slow intros. Once I get to know the other dog, they are no longer strangers. Instead they’re my playmates; however, dog parks are just too scary for me. I’d much rather prefer places I know. So, yes, I need someone who is patient and understands life hasn’t been easy in the very beginning and I need to take my time to feel secure and comfortable. Oh, and I enjoy walks, but I can’t walk too far. You see, I was hit by a car and never taken to the vet so my leg did not heal properly. My hip isn’t the best, but neither my leg or my hip hurt me unless I overdo it on the walks. My dream home would be a laid back, not to active, home where I can have lots and lots of cuddles.