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Bella I - Great Dane

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Bella is a very beautiful, 3 year old, reverse brindle female Great Dane who is looking for a new home to lay her giant paws. Her owner felt they weren't home enough to provide for her and wanted Bella to be loved and cared for and we agreed to make this happen. Bella took a few days to settle in to her foster home but she's perked up and is starting to show her fun side and boy oh boy does this sweetheart love to play with stuff animals. Bella knows some basic commands to include off and paw and she's does wonderfully with free roam. Bella knows how to walk on a leash like a true lady, unless she sees a rabbit and then she might pull a little as she wishes to chase it but nothing a Gentle Leader won't help! Walks are one of her favorite pastimes but she's not a high energy girl so 20 mins and she is happy as larry. Bella loves to cuddle on the couch and she will paw at you until you lavish her with all the attention her heart might take a while! Bella does best with slow introductions to other dogs but once she's comfortable she makes friends, her foster is working on her confidence level and some positive socialization with all these new things she is experience and she is making leaps and bounds wanting to please...and deli chicken is paving the way to her heart. She would probably do best in a more quiet home without young children. Bella is a sweet girl and we know her family is out there waiting.