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Badger - Newfoundland Mix (New to rescue - under evaluation)

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Look at me, I'm one of kind! If you were going to design the perfect giant breed mix, it would have to be a cross between a Newfoundland dog and a Bernese Mountain dog. Well look no further, here I am! Badger is my name, which says a lot about my adorably-kissable face, not my temperament. You see, like my Newfie ancestors, I have a sweet personality. I'm good with dogs, cats, but I'm going to need a six-foot fence because I also enjoy escaping to roam the neighborhood looking for wildlife. But other than my desire to roam, I'm an indoor dog! I'm house trained, leash-trained, I know sit, stay, get-ff, and I'm trustworthy with free-roam inside the house and I know not to get on the furniture. I love car rides! I'm three years old, weigh 100 lbs, and have a fluffy black and white coat. What are you waiting for? Get your application in now, I can't wait to meet you!