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Axe - Saint Bernard - PENDING ADOPTION

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Axe is looking for his new you think it could be you? He is a 2 year old, tri-color Saint Bernard who is house trained, crate trained (kenneled when no one is home) and has rather good manners; he knows sit, lay and stay and is a good boy when he gets to go for car rides. Axe doesn't dig or chew on things and he also does not bark excessively but he will definitely bark to alert. He is very treat motivated so training is super easy with this fuzzball and while he's not into toys much he enjoys a good petting session! Axe prefers to have proper introductions before becoming friends with other dogs and that's easy enough to understand..not everyone is instant besties upon initial meet and greets. He really loves to sleep in bed and cuddle if allowed and if not he understands that too. He is great with kids and has lived with ages 1-12 previously. Axe is protective of his home and yard and he feels it's his job to keep his family safe. Unfortunately Axe's current family is having to surrender him due to medical conditions, and we are happy to take him under our wing until we find him a new home.