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Addison - Newfoundland - PERMANENT FOSTER

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My name is Addison, but my friends call me Addie. I'm a 10 month old, female Newfoundland. Some say I am a super fluffy, cute bundle of joy...others say crazy puppy with sharp teeth who has much to learn....I say it depends on the day! I was thankfully surrendered by my breeder to BDHP because I was born with the genetic conditions PDA, SAS, and Severe Pulmonic Valve Stenosis. I went through a complicated surgery on August 17th and am currently on the mend, although I might have a few more trips to the vet before I'm 110% ready to go into a new home. In the interim, my foster parents have taught me the basics like house training, crate training, leash training, commands and appropriate chewing items. I will still need attention from my new family as I'm still very much a girl in need of doggy lessons. However, I promise to give you back tons of love and adoration if you help make sure I grow into a gentle giant...ok I've got to go and play and then nap and maybe get a snack!

Giant Breed Experienced Homes Only.