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Abby - Cane Corso

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Abby hasn't had the best start to life which was evident when she was rescued off of an online site by her current family. She was emaciated and clearly used to breed but once her usefulness was over with she went to whomever had the money first; and lucky for her she ended up in a home that cared for her. Abby is a 4 year old, Cane Corso with cropped ears. She is house and leash trained, doesn't bark excessively but will sometimes dig/chew when she is bored - this is easy to manage with supervision and proper toys for her to keep those jaws busy. And speaking of toys, Miss Abby LOVES to play with pretty much anything so she's very easy to please. She is treat motivated so she is always ready and willing to be learning new tricks! Abby isn't a huge fan of car rides as she had limited exposure as a young pup and this can sometimes be scary for her now. Typical of her breed she can be a little unsure of new things and people but with proper introductions and reassurance from her family she does good. Her foster family will be working on her confidence with her to help her understand that she is now safe and that she won't be abused again. She is good with cats and kids and other dogs with proper introductions. We are excited to see how this sweet flower blooms!

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